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Vroom drive Flexi package-Pay just the kilometer price, An attractive Self-drive car rentals package

Road trips install the sense of freedom in us. However, extended tours and rescheduled plans are always a menace especially when renting a self-drive car rentals. Isn’t it? 

How about enjoying a self-drive car rentals plan that comes with the best flexibility?

With increasing leisure travels, many individuals are opting for self-drive rental cars because they don’t want to miss the fun and adventurous part of exploring the outer world by steering the wheels with their hands. Owing to this advancement, there has been an increase in the number of self-drive car rentals in Bangalore. A standard car rental booking mechanism starts with exploring the internet to pick a good and cost-effective car rental company. Usually, this process kicks off with a price research. Checking each website for the amount that you need to pay for the desired vehicle by entering the pickup and drop off location, times and dates.

By this time, you would have researched a countless number of self-drive rental websites and would have left with an option of paying “standard package price” even if you are not using few of the kilometers. There is no doubt that you could have managed to pick a more convenient and cheaper rental after comparing the most rental agencies out there. However, is there any self-drive car rentals that is allowing their clients to pay only for the kilometers that they have used?

Vroom Drive, the leading self-drive car rental company in Bangalore, is now bringing something unique to delight their customers, “Vroomdrive Flexi package”-a tailored package.

Car rentals tariff
Car rentals tariff


What is Vroomdrive Flexi package?

Vroom drive, a self-driving rentals company transforming the relationship between people and transportation now offering an extensive range of customized self-drive rental services as per customer’s choice. This trusted self-drive car hire company is now coming with glad news that is paying only for the kilometers that you have used.

Before we talk more about this Flexi package. Let’s take a closer look at what a car rental fee factors can influence the cost. Car rentals fee comes with some standard free kilometers. And for additional kilometers that you are using, there will be a separate charge attached to it. There is one more option of either opting a car with fuel or without fuel and their charges change according to fuel price.

When you opt a customized flexible package. You are paying only for the kilometers used and no extra package charges. The same car rented the same amount of time is coming at a lesser price. And helps you to cut down the unnecessary cost that you are paying for the unused kilometers.

With a vast inventory of self drive cars and with the Flexi package, it is definitely a great offer to utilize.

Self-drive car rentals
Self-drive car rentals


How do I opt this Flexi Package in self-drive car rentals?

When you log in to Vroom drive webpage. On the home page you will be prompted to enter the start date, end date, and Kilometer. Punch in the details and look into the cars and their corresponding lowest prices. If you want to go for a standard package with fixed hours. You can still avail by choosing the “Try our standard package” where you will be prompted the details except kms.

Are you planning on venturing into the neighborhoods of Bangalore or exploring the nearby places for the weekend? 

No hassles and no kilometer Capping, drive as much as you want and pay only for what you drive. Now that you have a car at my disposal to explore the city at pocket-friendly rates. Why not plan something special for this vacation?

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