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A complete Self Drive Car Rental Guide – Sanitized Rental car

A Complete Vroom Drive Self Drive Car Rental Guide 

In this blog, we explain to you the complete process of Sanitized Self Drive Cars in Bangalore (Vroom Drive) from registration to the final invoice of rented cars. Sometimes we need to see all the procedures before proceeding further and also we need to know what is self drive car rental? and how can we rent a car? so here we go step by step with process timing in our self drive car rental guide.

Self Drive Car Guide for Renting a Cars: Registration to Final Invoice

For sign up with Vroom Drive, you need to fill the below registration form online in the link

Registration process (3 to 10 mins)

Make sure to enter all correct and complete details. The front and backside of the documents needed, so upload the clear documents to the speedy approval process. If you are unable to upload all the requested documents, kindly send the entire copy to for speedy approval. If our backend team found all documents satisfactory, they may approve your registration within 5 minutes, if not, they will ask more documents through email. So, the entire registration to the approval process takes 3 to 10 mins.

Self Drive Car Rental Guide - Registration
Register with Vroom Drive

After approval, you will get confirmation through SMS as well as email. Once your registration is verified, you can go ahead with the car for rent booking in the below steps.

Booking (5 to 10 mins)

Enter the date and time of your trip along with delivery choice either Hub delivery or Door delivery. For door delivery, you must select your pin code only, detailed address needs to be entered in the Fare summary page. Here is our website homepage to book Vroom Drive – Self Drive Car Rental or download the app from

Car Rental App  Self Drive Car App

Self Drive Car Rental Guide - Home
Self Drive Car Rentals Homepage

After entering the details, Pls click search so you will get the below screen, then you will get the budget rent a car price list. From there you can choose the car as per your requirement either with fuel or Without fuel, here you can also check the tariff details, Tariff terms, car rental details, and the free KMs.

Budget rent a car price list
Budget rental car price list

Once you select your desired car and fuel plan, you will take to the next screen as below. From there you can cross-check all budget rent a car price list. If you have any promo code, you need to enter here as well as the door delivery address.

How can i rent a car summary
Rent a car price summary

Once you entered all the details. You will be taken to the payment gateway where you must enter the credentials to make the payment. Once the payment is done, you will get the booking confirmation through the mail as well as to your registered mobile number. If you have any special request, our customer care team is available round the clock, so that you can contact them anytime.

Car allocation notification

You will be notified through SMS and email with the allocated rented car details 2 hours prior to the trip start time.

Trip start formalities (10 to 15 mins)

At the trip start time of self drive car rental, your allocated rented car will be ready at your requested place either at your doorstep or at Vroom Drive hub. Make sure to bring your Original DL and other documents for our verification. Vroom Drive fleet team will explain all about the car and complete the checklist within 10 mins and get acknowledged from you. That’s all, you can start Vrooming

Trip end formalities (10 to 15 mins)

At the trip end time, our fleet executive will wait at the requested area to collect the rented cars. While ending the trip, the fleet executive will check the car and collect the fuel bills if available and get acknowledged by you.

Final Invoice and Refund

The Final invoice for self drive car rental will be generated within 24 hours once the rented car trip completed. You will get notified about your Invoice with a detailed summary through email as well as Sms. Once the final invoice is generated, the refund will be processed within 7 to 10 working days.

Hope this self drive car rental guide will be helpful to make the booking and to understand that how can I rent a car! If you still have doubts, feel free to contact our customer care team. Vroom Drive Customer care team will be available round the clock to serve you with Sanitized rental car

Self Drive Car – A complete guide FAQs

How can I rent a car?

1. Register yourself with your driving license and address proof. 2. Get approved in a few minutes. 3. Search cars based on your requirements. 4. Confirm the booking by making payment through online. 5. Get confirmation through email and SMS of your car booking. For more details check out our self drive car rental guide

What documents do I need to rent a car?

1. Valid driving license or IDP 2. Valid address proof