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Self Drive Car Booking For Outstation Trips in 2022

Self Drive Car Booking for Outstation Trip in 2022

Self-drive cars are the new buzz in the society. Vroom Drive specializes in providing outstation self drive cars as well as short trips which enables the customer to hire from a plethora of variants of cars viz., hatchback, sedan, and SUV models. Our self-drive car is well-maintained cars along with comfortable car accessories of choice. we have several other irresistible features that will make the journey thrilling & memorable in the planning of the outstation trip.

Car booking and Planning of Outstation trip
Planning of self drive Outstation car trip

Self-drive cars to provide ultimate driving satisfaction with its unfathomable service. We are just a booking away to deliver the car of your choice. You pay for the kilometers used and forget about all the worries while traveling outstation self drive cars. Outstation traveling is fun especially when you have the car of your preference. You fulfill your long-drive dreams and we will take care of your requisite driving needs.

Hassle-free Outstation trip with Self Drive cars

  • Get a well-maintained car of your choice.
  • Choose accessories that best suit your travel needs.
  • Get the car that is properly investigated and maintained to avoid any road hiccups.
  • Flexibility to choose fuel or non-fuel vehicle as per your convenience.
  • No more queue’s in toll gate with Fast tag facility.
  • Replacement car facility at the time of breakdown.
  • Roadside assistance during the accident.
  • The 24/7 customer support team at your service.
  • 24/7 chat support team to answer your queries.
  • Select your self drive car for outstation from the wide range of available models and we will home deliver happiness within Bengaluru.
  • Pick and drop the car conveniently at any time of a day.
  • To ensure safety, the vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS devices.
  • Over speeding, alerts will help you to maintain the speed limit while driving on highways.
  • All our cars are registered under All India Permit.
  • Towing & impounding charges will be borne by us in case of vehicle failure.
  • On-time delivery of car which is the first step towards customer satisfaction.
  • Postpone or preponed your trip just call 24/7 customer support regarding the changes.

Planning of self drive Outstation car trips definitely gives an adrenaline rush but there are few dos and don’ts we should abide with for a peaceful and safe journey.

Dos & Don’ts:

  • Never leave your vehicle unattended if you met with an accident or breakdown unless the fleet-personnel or roadside assistance team arrives at the spot.
  • Report the issue immediately at the 24/7 hotline or helpline number.
  • Do read rules & regulations before commencing your trip to know more about our services and offers.
  • An outstation trip cars should be informed prior to the 24/7 customer support team in order to ease your trip.
  • Carry your valid driving license for hassle-free travel while entering other adjoining or neighboring states.
  • Obtain valid State entry permit at the border RTO check post by producing Driving License and other documents provided by us in the car glove box.

Planning of outstation trip

We at Vroom Drive striving hard to excel in our services and to reach the epitome of customer satisfaction. Car booking of outstation trips along with family, friends, or acquaintance should be a memorable one and our crew leaves no stone unturned to provide you best in class service. The outstation tour could be planned for a family get-together or a wedding or just an adventure trip or a rendezvous with old buddies, We will provide a car for outstation at an affordable price with a personal car experience.

The dedicated team understands the customer’s need for different cars for the planning of outstation trips. The self drive outstation car trips could be long or short trip thus our customer support team provides relevant advice to the customers in regards to the trip, to avoid any hurdles. Such as, if a customer is planning to climb hills then the SUV vehicles will be the best option. On the other hand, if the customer is looking for more mileage then our customer support team will advise accordingly to meet customer’s expectations.

If a number of family members are more than it is recommended to hire 7 seater vehicles for a comfortable journey and the luggage space will be relatively more.

We understand the need of the hour for self drive outstation car. Thus, provides various packages to fit the user’s requirement. We offer customized packages, with or without fuel option and much more just vroom with satisfaction and bring back the unforgettable memories which will last for the lifetime.

Contact our team today to hire a self drive car rental for outstation destination at an affordable price with uncompromised comfort.