Full size rental car with luggage capacity
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How to choose right size rental self drive car for your trip?

Choose the right size rental car for your trip?

Booking a rental car and driving on a long road listening to your favorite tunes, stopping when you want! And seeing where the drive takes you is all part of an exciting bundle of a fantastic holiday.  Isn’t it? No matter at what time of the year you want to explore the outside world! It has been revealed that book a self drive car is a convenient option than choosing other modes of transport. Why is it so? You can comfortably drive and taste the luxury at a pocket-friendly price. In this article, we will explain how to choose the right rental self drive car for your trip, choose rental car luggage capacity, and what is a full-size rental car?

Full size rental car with luggage capacity
Full-size rental car with luggage capacity

Literally as busy as a bee, the silicon valley of India is seeing an increase in a number of people using car rentals in a very short time. Whether marveling at the scenic beauty of Nandhi hills or embarking on your own to Hampi! Self-drive trips are becoming increasingly popular in “Namma Bengaluru”. Bangalore Car rental companies are offering a wide range of wheels starting from an XUV to I10 to satisfy the splurge for the demand of rental cars, And to fit the varying needs of people hiring the cars. With a wide variety of cars available, it seems to be a daunting task for you to identify the correct size car that correctly fits your needs. However, choosing the perfect car for your travel holiday is essential, and that is why we have come up with important points that will help you to pick the right wheel to the vroom.

Tips to choose the right size rental car for your trip

Count the heads traveling with you

When you are on a family holiday, there is no point in renting a small car. Especially, if you have small children in car seats and you want to have more space for them to move.  Why not review the size classifications available with the car rental company! And book a self drive car that will give you an abundance of space for people and cargo? However, couples fleeing for a romantic gateway don’t need much space hence they can tune into a compact smaller rental car.

Consider the type of vacation 

Compact vehicles are economical when you are on a weekend gateway. If you are traveling on a long road trip, SUVs give you more comfort than a small car. Driving many miles in a larger class of car seems to be convenient than their counterparts.  Since Self Drive Car offer various size, and it is essential that you make an informed decision of choosing the correct size car after considering vacation type.

Choose according to your driving comforts

If you are comfortable driving a particular model of car then choose the same model than venturing on different ones with the right rental car luggage capacity. Also, if you are not happy behind the wheel of a larger car, there is no use choose and struggling throughout the journey. What about an automatic car? Look for options in automatic cars as you can drive relaxingly and no manual gear shifts or clutch pedals.

Resist the temptation for an inexpensive vehicle

We know that the cost of renting a car fluctuates on the type of car that you choose and it is inevitable that we need to keep the expense in mind as no one wants to lose more than half of his or her money in just fuel alone. However, stacking up or cramming the luggage to the extent that you can’t see through the rear window isn’t advisable. Having some extra space always comes handy! And it is better to resist your temptation of saving money by hiring an expensive vehicle without considering other factors.

When it comes to renting a self-driving rental car, it is definitely contradicting to our popular belief. Actually, size does matter, and at least when it comes to renting a self-drive car for your holidays.  Large cars give more space and comfort but the downside is they are more complicated to maneuver when it comes to narrow roads and limited parking within the city! Whereas smaller vehicles work well here. Choose the size of the vehicle after weighing the above-discussed points. We hope you have found some clarity now! And if you have any doubts about renting a car and what is a full-size rental car, Vroom Drive is here to help you. Vroom Drive want each of our customers to be happy when they drive off our self drive car! And for us, what matters most is your comfort behind the wheels. You can always find the best deal with us, so book a self drive cars as per your need and rev the engine!